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Bryan Cranston photographed by Justin Tyler Close

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Zane Holtz (Richie Gecko), Robert Rodrigez (director/producer/writer) & D.J Cotrona (Seth Gecko) behind the scenes of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

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mulder and scully + what does personal space even mean

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Based on From Dusk till Dawn by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Kurtzman; directed by Robert Rodriguez.

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‘‘ Women in their multitudes is something that needs to be seen more than men in their multitudes.
—— Graeme Manson, regarding whether he ever considered a male lead for Orphan Black (x)

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Like the wild beasts, she lives without a future. She inhabits only the present tense, a fugue of the continuous, a world of sensual immediacy as without hope as it is without despair.

His touch both consoles and devastates me; I feel my heart pulse, then wither, naked as a stone on the roaring mattress while the lovely, moony night slides through the window to dapple the flanks of this innocent who makes cages to keep the sweet birds in. Eat me, drink me; thirsty, cankered, goblin-ridden, I go back and back to him to have his fingers strip the tattered skin away and clothe me in his dress of water, this garment that drenches me, its slithering odour, its capacity for drowning.


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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Reblog if you want your followers to ask you anything they’re curious about.
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  1. Clarice Starling:doctor, why does he place the moths in their mouths?
  2. Hannibal Lecter:it's a metaphor
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Bergen, Norway

Photo: Andrew M Butler

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Sofia Coppola by Peter Hapak

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its so fucking DUMB how guys have so many preferences and dislikes about girls clothing like fuck yall 97% of boys literally wear the ugliest shit ever looking like walking cucumbers where are the articles on your dumb fuck khaki shorts

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